How to restore hair volume within minutes?

Here are some ways I do to keep my hair voluminous before going out anywhere, and guess what it just takes five minutes and gives you a perfect salon type styled hair. So read till the end, as I am going to share what I do to get my hair's volume in minutes.

How to restore hair volume within minutes?

When you are running late for work or college or even a party and want to keep your hair open, everyone wants them to voluminous, fluffy and soft

One of the cheapest ways is to use a hairdryer, with all your hair flowing down just blow the hair with the dryer. And when you again put the hair down with head up, you will have your hair with the volume.

But I personally do not opt for this option because firstly it makes the hair rough and you unable to style it, it flies away in all the direction and gives nothing but a sparrows nest.

Also, when you comb it to even it out, you find yourself losing all the volume again.

The style is not given at all, the shine is lost and I don’t usually do it. But if it does suit your hair, you are always a step away to do it, that is just picking the hair dryer and blow your hair!

But before giving any heat to your hair I also suggest using any heat protectant for hair.

I have been using TRESemmé Expert Selection Pre-Styling Spray, Repair & Protect. I use this because after using it not only removes the damage by the heat that’s visible but also nourishes the hair perfectly, it makes the hair manageable a lot. I love it more because it doesn’t leave the hair greasy after we have sprayed it.

 I have used some cheaper than these before but they were making my hair rough after each use and also greasy.

So for making my hair voluminous and styling it too at the same time, I have used Revlon Hairdryer and volumizer.

 It is a hairbrush that not only dries your hair but also while it’s into your hair it combs it out, adds volume to it, and smoothens the hair strands leaving it shiny, soft, and voluminous. It is due to its ceramic coating that it keeps the hair soft and shiny. 

It is very lightweight which makes it easy to use, and its size is also as fine so that it can be carried even when you travel. I mostly use it when I have pledged to not use a straightener for a month (hehe).

You can also check out other hair volumizer brushes out here.

The best part about the hair volumizer brushes is that it does the work of

  • Straightening
  • Adding volume
  • Adding shine
  • Making hair soft
  • Leaving them untangled

Also don’t forget to use a hair serum after every use, it’s just like adding cherries to your cake as it beautifies your hair more making it even shinier and beautiful.

I personally use Keratase Nutritive oleo, yes it is a little expensive, but for my really dry hair type it does wonders for me. I have been using it for over a year now, and even after washing my hair it doesn’t over-dry my hair (as my hair is naturally dry). Spending a little extra on this product doesn’t really itches me as I have spent more on cheap hair serums and that had cost me more than I am spending on this.

 And just for some little extra money it has given me more benefits and trust me on this, it actually straightens out your wavy hair, and not just only softens it or makes it frizz-free.

That’s why my hair serum recommendation goes to Keratase Nutritive oleo, however you can buy other serums as per your choice!

Let’s head on to styling your hair and making it voluminous within minutes!

Happy styling! :)