9 Tips for Voluminous and Thick Hair

With the exposure of pollution and chemicals to hair, it has lost its volume and thickness. To obtain the hair you want here are some tips for thick, voluminous and shiny hair.

9 Tips for Voluminous and Thick Hair

More often you wash your hair the faster the hair becomes greasy and oily. More exposure to sunlight, pollution and air the more dandruff speckles you witness on your shoulders.

Not being able to take care of hair essentially will make them dry and thin, will cause more hair fall and the hair will lose its shine.

Here are 9 tips that you can do to or avoid doing so that your hair will keep shining and be voluminous as ever before.


Shampooing your hair properly-

shampooing your properly has got a lot to do with the volume of your hair

make sure the water’s temperature is a little on the warmer side, so that all the dirt and oil comes out of your open cuticles

use only as much amount as needed, not more than that

focus on the roots more and gently clean it

don’t scrub the ends of the hair, it will dry them further

let the conditioner stay for at least 2 minutes

Choose the hairstyle for the whole week-

for not always wanting to wash your hair too often, you can plan out a hairstyle for the week.

Open and loose hair on the initial days after you have washed your hair and tied in a ponytail in the middle of the week and bun hairstyles at the end, which will not prompt you to wash your hair a lot.


Washing hair with sulphate free shampoos/herbal shampoos-

Herbal shampoos do not cause your hair being tortured by the chemicals of the shampoo which causes the hair’s moisture to dry.


Also washing with a sulphate free shampoo after applying any hair packs is a great idea as it does not let the effect of natural nutrients to fade away and will give your hair volume and thickness you always dreamed of, yes slowly and steadily, but will surely show positive results.


Reduce the frequency of hair washing-

this has become the nitty-gritty of the whole topic being talked here, as cutting down on the frequency of washing your hair is very essential to obtain thick and voluminous hair.


Washing the hair regularly and frequently on the contrary will cause more oil to exude of the roots than producing an oil free scalp.


So stop washing hair every day or every two days!


Using dry shampoo for hair sweat-

while working out or doing any physical activity you notice your hair damp with all the sweat.Applying dry shampoo before the workout will absorb the moisture and keep your hair oil free.


Pillow covers play an important role to thick hair-

dirty pillow covers have an adverse effect on the health of your hair and scalp.

Pillow covers get covered with dead skin cells, body’s natural oil and sweat. And with time it starts decomposing causing the hair health to degrade.

So to avoid this, change your pillow covers every week and in case of oily hair it do it twice a week.


Don’t go to bed with a wet head-

‘why not wash my hair right now (11:00 pm) and go to bed after that, so that in the morning I don’t have to spend my time washing my hair’ sounds like a great time management plan, isn’t it?


Absolutely not! Going to sleep with wet hair will cause hair breakage because at the time when your hair is wet, the roots are weak, therefore with the increased friction it will weaken the hair at napes and will give you a bunch of hair in the morning on your pillow.


If you have no option, then dry your hair before sleeping or tie them in a loose braid so that they don’t break from the friction.

Prepare hair packs every weekend-

before washing your hair on weekends, apply some homemade DIY hair packs to give your hair shin, gloss and thickness and volume.


Once every week treating your hair with natural, homemade remedies will rejuvenate your hair and make them very healthy.

Cutting down on combing out hair –

brushing and combing hair very frequently will make your hair strands dry, leaving them frizzy and causing hair breakage from between the strands.


Also, combing your hair while it’s dry will lead to more hair fall, so comb only after your hair completely moisture free. For voluminous hair the key thing is not to let them fall or break.

Hope you find these techniques useful to get voluminous hair.

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