Stylish hairstyles that makes you look smart

Like some girls, who wishes to look smart and have a great looking personality in unexciting school uniforms, these beautiful hairstyles are for school.

Stylish hairstyles that makes you look smart

Here I have some ideas about the school hairstyles that one can try which are easy and less time consuming!

Braided Hairstyles for schools-   

French braid-

French braids hairstyle is perfect for you, a smart looking hairstyle. These hairstyles keep the hair neat and at the same time it gives a style to your hair.

While making this hairstyle, in the beginning you should make the hairstyle a bit loose to make it look more beautiful. Your hairstyle will be puffy on the head crown area.

After that you can make the hairstyle tight as you don’t want to make the hair go hither and tither. You can also make two French braids.

Dutch braid-

Dutch braid is the same as French braids, but the strands are taken in the opposite way.

To make it a fluffy and puffy look, loosen up the strands and you are done! You can also make two Dutch braids.

Rope braid ponytail-

Rope pony tail is a simple hairstyle but beautiful and easy. First you have to tie your hair back into a high ponytail and then secure it with an elastic band.

To hide your elastic band, wrap your hair around it and secure it with pins.

Divide the hair in ponytail into two parts and twist each section to the right. Cross the right section of hair over the left section and do it till the end to make a rope. It is the perfect hairstyle for girls as it is so easy to make. You can also make two rope braids.

Fish tail-

Fish tail is a braid that is made with small sections of hair. First you have to smooth your hair back and then you have to divide it into two sections.

Then from each sections you have to take a small section of hair and put it into the centre of the two sections that we divided.

 Continue it till the end and you will be able to see a beautiful fishtail. Two fishtail braids also look cute!  

Hairstyles for weddings and parties

Braided bun-

Braided bun is the best and easiest hairstyle for weddings and parties.

In this hairstyle, you just have to make various types of braids and then attach it with the bun.

If flicks suits your face, don’t hesitate to make them! 

Side part loose waves-

This hairstyle gives you a retro look. This will make you look gorgeous, especially in a western outfit.

You just need a curler and need to make bomb curls.

Textured half up-

Textured half up hairstyle is very easy to make. Layer the twists of hair over top and secure it with bobby pins. Do the same with the other sides too.

Fish tail crown braid-

Fish tail crown braid hairstyle is not at all tough if you know how to make a fishtail braid.

First you have to make two fishtail braids. Then loose the braids and then you have to wrap the braid over your head. Secure it by pins.

Letting the hair loose hanging in front of the face will look adoringly amazing. You can make this hairstyle with normal plaits too.

Dutch braid low ponytail-

Dutch braid low pony tail is also very simple and looks very smart on gowns and frocks. First you have to make Dutch braid in the upper half part of the hair and then you can tie it in a low pony tail.

Bombshell curls-

Bombshell curls are the best for parties. This hairstyle looks effortless and indeed they are. So easy to carry without any difficulty. Western outfits suits best for it.

Top bun on the crown-

A very simple hairstyle and so funky for parties, where you can wear smarty outfits with baggy jeans and short tops! 

Happy Styling! :)