7 homemade face packs with gram flour for oily skin

While homemade face packs prove to be very beneficial for the skin and face, but not treating the skin according to its type will give no results or will have a side effect.

7 homemade face packs with gram flour for oily skin

The oily skin type with acne and pimples should not be washed with soap. Rather using a face pack consisting gram flour in it cleans the pores of the skin, and keeping the oil and pimples at bay.

Using these face packs is a better option.

Making them before taking a bath and keeping them in bowls or small jars to be stored for a week.

Apply all the packs each one on one day. This will assure you which one is better for your skin type.

 Keep it for 30 minutes and rinse it with cool water. You may obviously not sit idle and can continue with dusting and cleaning of your house, or maybe some reading or anything, that way you will not fret taking care of your skin.

Let’s get started

Tomatoes with gram flour-

Tomatoes treat the dark spots on the face and the pimple marks which you might have punctured (that’s not a great idea to puncture the pimples as the infected water gets spread all over the face).

Take half tomato and grate it or squeeze out its juice, mix it with gram flour and your tomato-gram flour mask is ready.

Rose water with gram flour-

Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties and always have been used for getting lighter skin tones. It treats acne and removes the oil, cleans the dirt accumulated in the pores.

It also removes the redness of the skin. Mixing the rose water with gram flour and apply its paste.

Turmeric, baking soda, honey and gram flour-

turmeric on the skin gives a glowing complexion. Baking powder tightens the pores. Honey should also be mixed for sure otherwise the skin will dry out a lot.

Therefore for better results one must use honey also.

Oatmeal, gram flour and milk-

oatmeal powder with gram flour mixed with milk will treat your skin and fight its oiliness.

It absorbs oil and exfoliates the skin, removing its dead skin cells.

Curd and gram flour-

curd removes the upper dead skin layer of the skin. It regulates sebum production therefore a good bye to pimples and acne.

It diminishes fine lines and removes dark spots too. One can use lemon or honey to it too. 

Egg whites and lemons with gram flour-

egg white tighten up the pores thereby preventing the collection of dirt on pores.

Lemons will exfoliate the skin and in combination with gram flour, it works best for oily and acne skin.

Sandalwood, milk and gram flour-

Take three table spoons of milk, mix one spoon of sandalwood and one spoon of gram flour.


It will also treat your pimples and acne, blemishes and dark spots. The sandalwood has anti-bacterial properties i.e., it kills the bacteria and prevents inflammation of the skin.