How to get nail extensions like salon at home?

If you want to have a cheaper nail extension at home than sitting long hours at a salon, here I am with a few products that worked for me and didn’t, and at the end, I have suggested the final product that I am currently using for nail extensions and all the precautions you should take, so do read till the end.

How to get nail extensions like salon at home?


  1. What all do you need to do nail extensions at home?
  2. How do we do nail extensions at home?
  3. Which brand’s products can we use to do the nail extensions?
  4. How can you prevent the breakage of nails?
  5. Where and how do you store the poly gel tubes?

Nail Extension at Home

What all do you need to do nail extensions at home?

  1. A UV led light lamp nail dryer
  2. Nail extensions poly gel
  3. Top and base coat nail paint
  4. Nail solution/ 70% Isopropyl alcohol solution/or any other alcohol solution
  5. Nail filer and spatula
  6. Nail forms of different sizes to give shape


How do we do nail extension at home?

Step 1: do some mini manicure session:

First, all you have to do is just have a mini manicure session for your nails specifically. Just clean and trim them short.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of primer/base nail paint

Apply a thin layer of primer or base nail, and make sure it is not a very thick or maybe too thin layer. Cure it under a light lamp dryer for 30 seconds.  

Step 3: time to use the nail tips and gel

After your nails are trimmed and clean, and covered with a base nail paint, ooze out some gel on the brush and apply it on the nail tip to extension. If the gel is quite sticky then use some isopropyl alcohol solution to loosen it a bit. Put it on your nails and cure it under the UV lamp for 30-60 seconds.

Step 4: shape the nails

Pluck out the nail tip carefully and you will get your nails ready! Next, all you have to do is trim the new nails that you got.

Step 5: Apply topcoat

Just apply the topcoat to your nails extension to give them a shine, and after that, you also apply any nail paint of your choice and cure it again under the UV lamp for 30 seconds, and yayy you are done!


Which brand’s products can we use to do nail extensions?

A really confusing question that arrives at everyone’s mind is what brand’s products should they be using to get their nail extensions done at home? And I think I have a big say in this matter because if the large number of products that I had used, and whether they passed or failed!

The first product I bought for nail extensions was the Anself’s poly gel nail kit, I didn’t find it to be a lot useful to me. The gel was quite loose which led to so much mess and unstable nail base, it further deteriorated the quality of the result I got investing so much of my time to it.

also, it did not stick to my nails properly and couldn't even stay for 2 days. 

I had almost lost the heart of doing nail extensions at home, then my sister suggested me the Makartt poly gel nail extension kit.

The reason why I love this product A LOT is because of its thick gel which helps me a lot while applying it and is so easy to handle even for beginners. She also started with her online business at home related to nail kits. 

Secondly in this kit, you get everything except the UV nail drying lamp, needed for nail extensions. You will get

  1. Four 15ml gel tubes of different colours
  2. One 50ml nail slip cleanser
  3. One 8ml base nail paint
  4. One 8ml top coat
  5. 60 dual forms of 12 sizes
  6. One dual-sided spatula for application of gel and other tasks mentioned above
  7. One nail file for manicure and after extension shaping
  8. One instructions manual

All of those are available in four types of colored packaging, which are

  1. periwinkle blue
  2. pink
  3. lavender purple
  4. and green kits with their own unique sets of poly gel colours belonging to the parent color you chose

This is the periwinkle blue kit for nail extensions.

I am also using Saviland’s glitter poly nail gel, and I am so happy to be using it, it stays for 2-3 weeks without any breakage, and saves you of so much time and money!

It also has all the same accessories that were in the Makarrt poly nail gel kit and the difference lies here is that, here you will get 6 poly gel tubes and they will have glitter gel.

The good thing is that you don’t get glitter powder separate which means it already is mixed in the gel, so you directly have to just apply the gel, without doing the extra tantrums.

The third brand is beetles poly gel kit, which I have heard a lot about, though I haven’t used it, but the results are still quite amazing, the ones I saw in real. The reason I couldn’t use this one was because it didn’t come with a nail solution so I was quite apprehensive to buy it, but when one of my friends showed me its results, they were amazing!

She just used alcohol in place of the nail thinner/solution, and there was absolutely no difference. Hence I would highly recommend this to those who don’t want glittered poly gels, rather want them to be simple and sober, in plain pink and white.

Note, here also you receive the same accessories, and here we get 4 poly gels, except for the nail solution.

For the UV light nail dryer lamp, I use Makarrt UV nail dryer, it is really very small, the size of the computer’s mouse!

It cures within seconds, just one thing we need to keep in mind using it is that when you put your fingers inside and cure it, just rotate your hands a bit, so that your side part of the nails are also cured properly.

It is easy to use and less wattage usage, and dries your nails very quickly!

You can though use other UV nail dryer lamps of your choice as well!


How can you prevent the breakage of nails?

  1. Do not dry your nails for too long or too short period of time, just for 30 seconds approximately, so that it remains a bit sticky, which causes the gel to attach in a better way
  2. We all love thick poly gel for nails extension, but make sure while you are putting it on the nail forms it is not very thick, and also use a thinner or isopropyl alcohol solution to loosen it.
  3. Cure the nails for more than one minute if the gel is quite thick.
  4. Don’t soak the nails in hot water or avoid giving it a direct bath after you are done with the process.
  5. Don’t act cool opening cans, lids, or any other object with your fingernails.

Where and how do you store the poly gel tubes?

The poly gels should not be kept under direct sunlight, so don’t sit on your terrace or balcony and do the nail extensions process. Always store the poly gels in some cool place, so that it doesn’t damage. 

Also if you are suffering from brittle or chapped nails read how to take care of your nails.

I hope now you are ready to do your first nail extensions at home and save lots of dollars, maybe for more amazing nails paints!

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Happy styling! :)