Gender Neutral Management

So just yesterday only when I was scrolling down the pages on Facebook my eyes caught over a post that stated “If your wife doesn’t cook for you at home, cook yourself. You are not in a restaurant, you are in a relationship.” And it actually touched my raw nerve as this was ‘one’ of the things I notice in married couples that calls for gender neutral management.

Gender Neutral Management

Why does my mother have to think not once, not twice not even thrice but at least four times before leaving for shopping? Now the question is that if she has restrictions to go out or what? A BIG NO! She has all the freedom that my father has, but she has to think four times so that my sister and I are not left hungry after she leaves home. She can go at any time when she wishes, but her love and responsibility towards us makes her think so many times.

 But my father who loves us a lot still is not restricted by such phenomena of thinking over and over again. If my father’s friends call him at 9:00 pm he would go out straight away or if he has got to think even once it would be regarding his work. But also as my mom is a housewife, it’s okay I understand the sharing of responsibilities.

But what in case of working women? Are they still granted such freedom of thought!

Why is the mother always given the crying child? Why is she always blamed for a spoilt brought up of a child? Not just that she is even blamed for her child being too thin or too fat! She is blamed when her child is not getting good grades and also when a complaint of the child is reported by the school!

I know that a child becomes what he is taught at home, but doesn’t a home comprise of both mother and father.

Why can’t husbands cook after they come back home, didn’t their wife too come just now?

Why are women always thought to be too weak when the biggest pain she experiences is while giving birth?

All I expect is the sharing of responsibilities and having a true companionship when you say you are a couple! And not just some predefined roles based on gender! So this international women’s day I would like to leave you with this thought and bring forward the gender-neutral management issue when the situation demands!

And don’t forget to smile ladies you look your best that way!