Looking for some outdoor wall decorations ideas, these are a few ways by which you can decorate your outdoor walls and give your home a buoyant look.


1. Mosaic Walls:

It is a very notable item for home decor. Traditionally they are made from small, flat, roughly square pieces of marbles or glass. Mosaic is also made of small, round stones which is called Pebble Mosaic. This art form looks great on entry floor of the house. Mosaic is very colourful, so the colours you choose will speak loudly of your personality. Using them on house walkway will lock the hearts of your guests with them.

2. Hanging pots:

You can dedicate the windows or the door of your house to the beauty of perennial plants so that you can enjoy the bloom whatever season be it. You should not only stick to the perennial ones but also enjoy what that particular season has to offer you. Also plant seasonal varieties to roll in the vibe.

3. The Frames:

If you are into reusing and recycling stuff then this will fulfil your purpose. You can use simple frames and colour them to match the surroundings. Like if you want to make your garden more colourful you can paint them with eye catching colours. The other style of it is quite charming. You can use a brown window frame and give it a bit of ‘aged wood look’ to make it look rusty and unique. Hanging them on the walls bordering the garden will add on to the charm of your garden.

4. Paint Collage:

It is a very basic and easy way to decorate your wall. In general, it is done on paper sheets but being innovative, you can use wall as a sheet. Just mix the colours and bring out the artist in you. Paint the wall of your backyard or balcony or a porch. This way you can also get a perfect photoshoot spot for you.

Not an artist, don’t worry get some small sized prints or paintings, and hang them in a collage form. Trust me it looks beautiful and is so different and unique.

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5. Vertical garden:

This idea is cherished the most even though vertical garden requires a lot of maintenance. Exterior vertical gardens give a sigh of relief in summer as it keeps the house cool. Vertical garden are valuable because they not contribute in beautification of your house but also protect it from heavy rain and UV radiation.

6. Lights:

Stunning lights really lift up the mood. Lighting really calms the aura and will make you feel relaxed when you'd come back home after a rough day at work. You can hang up a lantern in the yard or porch. Another thing you can go for is globe string lights to cover up a larger area either in the yard or porch. With such glam outside the house, you'd definitely want to sit out on a breezy evening with the lights on and a cup of coffee.

7. Assorted commemorative plates:

If we are talking about decorating the house, one should never forget about these. Commemorative plates or decorated ones never fail to make your house appear posh. If you wish to do something different from the usual style then try covering half of the plate with a colourful fabric that might or might not be in contrast to the colour of the plate.

These plates are best hung on some netted metal stands as they don’t also harm your walls by causing unnecessary holes for fitting in nails into it. Whenever we wish to place that stand we can, it’s easy to clean also that way. Extremely effortlessly decorative idea, isn’t it?

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8. Slogans boards and letters:

Putting a ‘HELLO’ or ‘WELCOME’ letter on the porch wall will make your guest feel warm.

For balcony you can choose words like ‘HAPPY' or ‘YOUNG FOREVER’. You can also put on a slogan board to lift up not only yours but other's spirits too.