10 Cheap Ways to Modernize your Bathroom Interiors

If you are looking forward to giving a refreshing change to the interiors of your bathroom then here are 10 ways you can bring some changes in your bathroom that are really very minor but are going to change the whole outlook of your bathroom's interiors.

10 Cheap Ways to Modernize your Bathroom Interiors

Change the bathroom sink-

one of the most used and noticed things, when you enter your bathroom, is your sink. Changing it if it feels too old now or even has become one, is a great idea to freshen up your bathroom space. However when you have a limited budget your array kind of limits to a certain type of sink and hence you end up not finding a large designed variety for it.

But I would suggest you go for Kohler’s sinks which have many designed sinks and that too at a great price.


Change the bathroom walls in a cheaper way–

getting your whole bathroom tiled up would be very costly and as I am suggesting to you, renovating your bathrooms in a budget, this won’t be a good idea for you to go for. However, I am going to tell you the cheapest and easiest way to freshen up your wall space in the bathroom by using the water-resistant tile stickers that are widely available in many designs.

Also adding a painting on the wall would be like cherries on a cake!

Wall décor stickers for your bathroom.

The thicker wall sticker 


Get some shower sliding door inserted-

when we choose to re-design our bathrooms in a modern and western way, we shouldn’t ignore the shower sliding doors, although it is absolutely optional considering the budget makeover of your bathrooms but if you are getting an urge to actually give your bathrooms the modernized look, then I have a pocket-friendly way of giving you a lot of options to choose from for your shower sliding door.

Do you need some bathrooms cabinets-

a bathroom cabinet does a lot of role-playing to give your bathroom the look you desire for it! While choosing it for yourself one needs to sort out a couple of things including the size of your bathroom, the size that you might use, and the budget.

You can surf for some designs here to get some idea of what bathroom cabinets you need for your bathrooms.

Add some greenery-

some small pots of plants won’t harm the bathroom look at all. They can be kept near the sink or on top of the cabinets and they look absolutely amazing. Keep in mind that we are not adding big pots around in the bathroom, hence use only small pots or you can also use beautiful cups or mugs for it!


Use fewer colors-

when going for the modernized bathroom look some colors are fine which are absolutely basic and classy, but giving it an overall colorful look would not work that fine. So keeping it quite serene is what a compact here is.


Change the accessories-

small accessories in the bathroom have a great role to play. They do not add much to the cost but are a deal-breaker if are not given their due attention. Changing the taps, the towel holder, the drawer pull, and even the rob hook matters a lot! 

once these small changes are also made, nothing can make you love your bathroom even more! 

The mirrors-

beautiful mirrors and especially the ones which would not only fit in your bathroom space but also would give its desired look are a must. So must consider this to freshen up your bathrooms. Different kinds of beautiful bathroom mirrors are amazing, however, using a mirror cabinet does the work for both the cabinets and mirrors too! 

Read here- The different styles of mirror cabinets under your budget! 


Consider the shower wall surround-

once you are already considering the sliding door and the walls if your budget allows this is a great idea to design your bathroom space with. It does not only make the space look stunning but gives a look that a lot of expenditure had been made, while these things do not usually cost as much. these are just one-time investments for bathroom interiors. 

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Shutters to the windows-

hanging curtains might prove to be wholesome of trouble and hence shutters are great to use for it. If you are already using it great if not then you may look for some great ideas and selections here.

Buy it here- shutters for windows 

I hope all these small changes would help you freshen up your bathroom space to a great extent! Always looking forward to hearing from you too!


Happy styling! :)