Make-up essentials for everyone

When we have no idea of makeup and just have to learn to do it for obvious reasons, we have no clue about what all should we at least have before-hand so that we don’t fret at the end moment. These are some basic essentials everyone should have before hand.

Make-up essentials for everyone

Even if you are not a beginner, these things should always be present in your makeup kit. Though for a girl who is a makeup lover, will have tons of other appurtenances like the primer, concealer, eye lash curler, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow palette, etc.

But for a regular girl or maybe who is not much into wearing makeup and does it just occasionally, these things are a must she should have with herself.


A Good Coverage foundation-

a good coverage foundation sets the mood right when it comes to having a start with all the makeup and beauty.

With the wrong shade of foundation and a bad quality of it will discourage you as a beginner to have a start with this idea of makeup.


Nude lipsticks for a start-

for a beginner you would not like to begin with dark shades of lipstick looking bold or maybe over-done.


So for a start just use light and nude shade lipsticks to give a subtle look to your face with makeup.


If there is a shade you wish to wear but is a little darker and you just want a touch of it on your lips, then apply the lip colour with the lip brush to give you the desired look.

Have a look at some of the Trending Lipsticks of 2020 



for a little makeup of your eyes and not too much of pop look into it, it’s better to just apply a thin line of eyeliner, you can go for winged eyeliner too. Winged just a little.


If not good with eyeliners then just a single stroke of kajal on the eyelids, Tip: Kajal can also work as a substitute for eyebrow pencils.


If your hands are shaking even doing that, don’t worry, you can smudge the kajal on your eyelids with your fingers or cottons or an eye shadow brush, it will look very beautiful and as if you are a pro in makeup.


Blush –

a pink or orange blush shade would complete the whole beginner’s makeup essential. It should look very natural, so make sure that you check on the pigmentation of the colour and then apply. Therefore if it’s a lot pigmented then you may take a little on your brush and vice versa.

I hope you recheck your makeup bag once again and buy these basics as soon as possible. And I appreciate your love for makeup if you have more than what's mentioned above. 



A good set of brushes-

the last thing you would have to keep is obviously a good set of brushes, a brush for applying the eyeliner, another one for blush, and lastly for lipstick.