How to keep your expensive wines fresh?

When we want the best-branded wines in our glasses, then why not the best and latest wine openers which keeps the wine fresh meeting the current lifestyle of everyone! Also to keep your wine’s last glass taste the same as the first glass I have the best way to preserve your expensive wines forever!

How to keep your expensive wines fresh?

And for the people looking for the best wine openers to meet your status symbol and your all needs, here are the variety of wine openers by coravin where you can find the best one for you or even gift one to your near and dear ones who are crazy wine lovers!


  1. Ways you can preserve your wine
  2. when to use coravin's wine openers and why?
  3. what all does coravin provide to you? 
  4. what type of coravin kit will suit you? 

Ways you can preserve your wine

  1. Re-cork it tightly- when you are not finishing your wine in one go, then you need to be very cautious to preserve it by re-corking it the right way, letting no air in, so that your wine doesn’t get old and stale.
  2. Finish the bottle in one sitting – this one is not impossible but also not desirable sometimes to finish your bottle in one go, but if you really have no other way to preserve it then finish it that day itself.
  3. Put it in the refrigerator – refrigerating it is also a good idea as it helps your wine break down less quickly as compared to when kept at room temperature.

Now all of these options are not such a good to go when you have a good, expensive wine and would want to relish it later on as well, therefore I would suggest you to use coravin’s wine opener where you don’t really open the bottles but are able to drink the wine as well!

How? Let’s read on further…


When to use coravin’s wine openers and why?

This is very important to understand that coravin’s wine openers are not meant for cheap wine bottles which costs $10-$20, but also coravin’s wine openers are meant for exotic, expensive, and rare wines only.

These are meant for the preservation of those expensive wines which you wouldn’t want to empty in one sitting.

Wine’s worst enemy is OXYGEN and AIR, and the great wineries in the world first introduce nitrogen and argon gas in the bottle to prevent oxidation and in the same step while corking more gas is introduced to prevent further entry of oxygen.

Hence, If you are wishing to have some wine right now and find yourself in the dilemma whether to finish the whole bottle of such good wine at that moment or maybe better is to share it with your friends, but you would obviously wish to waste the good wine, depreciating its quality over weeks and not being able to enjoy it as you did the first time, so the best is, you can use the coravin’s wine opener and preserve your wine forever and drink it the same taste as it is.

Since you have not removed the cork of the wine you can drink the amount of wine as much you want. It will allow you to preserve the expensive wine that you wouldn’t wish to empty in just one sitting.



What all does coravin provide to you to preserve your wine?

The coravin argon capsules-

As I told you earlier that wines are made and preserved with argon gas, hence these capsules are filled with pure argon gas (99.99%), are designed with a patent technology that lets no argon gas escape and gifting you the amazing taste of wine even after years of its first opening.

One capsule lets you pour up to (15) 5-ounce glasses of wine.

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The premium wine opener-

The premium wine opener has a Teflon coated wine needle to gently pierce through your cork and pour out wine quickly and smoothly, without having much to do with your depleting wine quality.



The aerator-

Enhances the wine experience by mixing the right amount of air and lets your wine glass breathe without decanting.

The aerator allows streams of wine yielding out to your glass giving your aromatic wine glass, it also ensures that your spout of the wine opener is secured nicely to preserve your wine.


Its unique design uses the system’s pressure to force our wine of the 24 carefully placed and sized holes, small jets out the wine that are created expands the surface area of wine exposed to air, which in result gives the aromatic wine we all needed!


How to use the aerator?

  • Attach the coravin aerator in the spout of the wine opener system that you have, by simply pushing the aerator onto the spout.
  • Place the wine preservation system on top of the bottle and push the needle through the cork, and tip the bottle as if you are pouring from a bottle, pull/press the trigger to pressurize the bottle and release the trigger to pour in your glass, after you are done with the amount you needed and tip the bottle back to secure it and preserve it.
  • Remove the needle by pulling the system straight up, and the cork will reseal naturally and will preserve your wine for weeks, months, and even years.
  • Remove the coravin aerator by pulling out the attachment off the system
  • Rinse and dry your aerator before and after use.


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Coravin pedestal base-

The coravin pedestal base can store three capsules, three needles, three needles clearing systems, and the wine preservation system, basically it houses all the things that you need to preserve your wine with.

 Having it organizes your wine shelf and makes it easy for you to keep these in places.


Coravin’s needle-

It is a non-stick needle that allows effortless insertion, pouring, and removal from the cork of the wine bottle. The needles are made with such precision that it causes minimum disruption to the cork, and further lets the cork reseal naturally after it is removed after the work is done.

The textured grip surface allows for quick replacement and removal with a different needle as required and gives you hundreds of pouring using the coravin system.


There are four different types of needles for every bottle and situation, whether you want to try a vintage bottle or a young one.


The three types of needles


Standard needle


Faster pour needle


Vintage needle










Band colour (grip)






Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel


The basic and ideal needle for most of the wines and bottles, comes with the preservation system.

It gives a faster pour and can be used for wines in really good conditions.

It is better to use for old vintage bottles or where the cork quality is of a greater concern

Pour speed

25-29 seconds

19-25 seconds

53-57 seconds

 The three-needle kit 


When do you know the needle has to be replaced?

If the needle is becoming hard to insert in or take out of the cork, then the coating on the needle may be worn out. When the coating is worn off, leaving a silver color rather than black then it’s time to replace and use a new needle.


 What type of coravin kit is going to suit you?

If you are an everyday wine lover, then model one is good for you!


Or if you are a wine enthusiast then model two is good for you,


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And if you are a wine connoisseur then model two elite pro or model eleven is the best option for you!


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I hope you have found your perfect match with the wine preservation system and are looking forward to having a wonderful wine time with your family and friends!

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Happy wine time!