What Lingerie to wear under what?

If you remain confused regarding what type of lingerie you can wear under what, what bras would be suitable for your outfit then just keep on reading for a complete guide to your lingerie wear and fashion updates!

What Lingerie to wear under what?

Strapless bra:

They come to your rescue when you wish to wear a shoulder-baring or off-shoulder tops and dresses. Some bras have removable straps to disguise them according to your wish.

Strapless bra

Balconette bra:

If you don’t like your bra strap peeking from your broad neck tops then they are a bliss for you. They are designed for such outfits as they have wide-set straps. Plus they emphasize your natural cleavage so you can elegantly show off your curves.

Red brassiere

Thong or G strings:

Tight-fitting pants and bodycon dresses demand the lingerie which eliminates the visible panty lines. Thong looks similar to bikini bottoms but their back material is highly reduced.

Plunge bra:

They have a low neckline and show off your fabulous curves. So if you are a fan of loose V-neck tops then they are the best for you. You can also go for push up plunge neck bra to spice it up.

Push up bra:

Some clothes look super sexy with your features at their hike. And that’s what these bras do. They give a boost up to your ‘buddies' making you look even gorgeous in your low neckline tops.

Low back teddy:

Teddy or bodysuit are a combination of panties and camisole. They are best suited with dresses that have low armholes. They are also worn with high slit dresses as teddy arc up at your waist on sides. If you don’t wish to wear it as an innerwear, select an elegant lace teddy and put on jeans or any other pants of your choice and style them with pumps.

Silicone cup bras:

They are of great help when you wish to wear backless or something with a low neckline. They have adhesive on them so if you are allergic to such stuff, you should be avoiding them. To give an extra boost to your chest they also come in push up forms that work well for strapless dresses.


Here’s presenting you a hybrid of crop tops and bras. Lace bralette looks super awesome. Pair them with skinny jeans, cargo pants or shorts. You can also wear them with a pantsuit. They will look amazingly sexy for a beach day when paired with shorts and a beach outerwear.


Racerback bras:

They are designed in such a way that they minimize weight by dispersing it on your entire back. They are also said to improve posture by keeping your shoulders up and straight as they pull them back. They don’t have any slipping problems and that’s why many women love these. They work the best with tank tops because of their strap design.

Sports bra:

Shout out to all the women who are fitness freaks! I am a fitness enthusiast and they are a boon to me. Because sports bras are sturdier than usual bras, they make me feel so confident when I am running, gyming, or doing yoga. During workouts, if your breasts do not have proper support they can be in pain and that will certainly cause discomfort to you.

Sports bra


You want to look your best if it is your prom, wedding or any other special occasion. Shapewear is one thing that you can rely on. It gives slimmer appearance and hides bulge or bloating enhancing your red carpet look.

Garter belt:

This kind of lingerie might look sluty to many but there no harm in trying new things. Since this is a jaw-dropping sexy attire, it is also recommended for ‘The Nights'. Well, they aren’t just for the ‘Nights’. You can wear them under any dress or skirt which you think will look amazing with stockings.

Slip dress:

A nice satin slip dress can be worn under a see-through or sheer lace dress. They prevent your attire to bunch up and keeps it flowy and promises comfort.

Brazilian briefs:

They are sort of in between a bikini and a thong. Brazilian briefs provide coverage more than a thong but less than a regular bikini. You can wear them on your vacation on the beach.

Sports Bra

I hope you have found every piece of lingerie that you need for your closet and obviously your fashionable outfits! 

Happy Styling! :)