A day in Rohan’s life….

Here is a short story showing how would it seem if the genders were swapped and how would their lives change. Enjoy reading this short story.

A day in Rohan’s life….

It was so hot outside that he didn’t want to wear a full shirt and a pair of full pants. But Rohan’s father said, ‘either you wear full-length clothes and go to college or wear your half pants and sit at home’. As obviously boys aren’t allowed to show a lot of their skin to the public.  

He couldn’t miss his class that day and meeting his friends was the only thing he enjoyed a lot, so he wore what his dad demanded.  

He took the bus that day, though he wore clothes that covered every inch of his skin, still the presence of a person’s body inside cannot be ignored. He was touched inappropriately by some girls in the bus, he felt so outraged that he complains about it to the bus conductor who silenced him by saying that this is quite normal and boys should ignore such things happening to them for the sake of their respect.

He was feeling very sad and sort of dirty too, and when he reached his college, he met his friends and told them about what all happened to him. As he was telling about this he started crying, and a group of girls standing near to their group started laughing teasingly and passed comments about the ‘Boys over-sensitive nature’.

This further made him depressed about things not going his way since morning. But he couldn’t do anything at that moment feeling so low inside (boys do have a very soft heart, everyone knows that!)

After a few hours, when he was fine, in the college canteen he and his friends were talking and chuckling.

They started talking a little louder to be heard, as the girls around were hooting and the noise was so deafening. But somehow the society believes that boys should quieten themselves and be very soft while talking. And so a professor passing by ignored the gang of girls hooting, and scolded Rohan’s group for their loud noise.

By now Rohan was very frustrated, but nothing could be done to help that, as every boy should learn to manage his emotions and still be very happy and adjusting to the world outside.

He reached home at around 5:30 pm. His sister, Riya, was fast asleep who also came from college, a different one though. He was also very tired. But the moment he kept his bag and changed his clothes to some loungewear and prepared to sleep, his father asked him to help in the household chores, clean some utensils and cook something for dinner, as Rohan was 19 now, the age by which all the boys should have learned cooking and all the other household responsibilities. Otherwise, what will they do after they are married off to their wife’s and in-law’s place?

So he did all his tasks with utmost responsibility. His sister woke up at 6:00 pm, fresh, and went out with her friends in shorts, as it was scorching hot that day.

He also thought of going out, but before going out, a plethora of instructions were hurled at him, as he was a boy, and they are not supposed to do anything that would lead to their character assassination.

His father started with,

  1. ‘come back before 7:30 pm’
  2. ‘don’t laugh or talk too loudly’
  3. ‘don’t talk on the phone while you are alone and walking, as people would take numerous meanings of it’
  4. ‘no talking to girls at all’


He couldn’t question him, firstly out of respect and secondly he was a BOY!

He came home before 7:30 pm as his friends had gone early that day, but his sister came home at 9:00 pm. She wasn’t questioned at all, as what threat could she be exposed to anyways?

Rohan’s mother came home from the office at 10:30 pm, everyone ate their food and talked about their day.

Rohan told his parents about the incident that happened on the bus, and as they were concerned about his safety, so they asked Riya to accompany him to college from the next day onwards.

Rohan, though had very caring parents and understanding friends, he still had so many things inside of him which he could not tell anyone else, as boys cannot share things as they are, they have to manipulate it a bit, otherwise they will have to be prepared for being misunderstood and judged.

The life of all the ‘boys’ is summarised here!

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