How to Overcome Laziness while Studying

Not being able to sit for studying because of your laziness or procrastination attitude. Here are some steps to follow to be able to study without being lazy.

How to Overcome Laziness while Studying

How many times we have regretted sleeping at that time when we decided to study? Okay, if not sleeping what about spending some time on social media, just two-three minutes on Instagram and that’s it. Or maybe just one movie, after that I will surely study, because my mind will be fresh right, isn’t it?

And we end up over sleeping for hours and hours that doesn’t seem to end.


We are not able to even sit with a book, and if courageous enough to do that, who has the audacity to continue holding it even for a minute.


But, our shamefulness reaches its zenith when we still dream about success and good results, while in reality you are just sleeping on the couch with your books turned down on the table beside.


Here I am introducing four follow on rules that you will have abide by to reach your ultimate goal.

  1. To start with, just get started-

No one can begin doing anything without starting it.

The most basic thing to overcome laziness is to just sit with your book and start reading even if you think you not getting a word of it.

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It might sound stupid, but it’s not when actually applied! When you have started reading and you are over with one paragraph you will think ‘what have you just read?’ therefore you will start reading again, comprehending each word.

  1. Hold the leverage –

Now after reading the whole paragraph, I know there will some dopamine production in your mind and body, where you will not be able to resist your happiness spewing out from every cell of your body.

As you did something which was quite impossible a few hours or days ago

Now, you would want to take a break, excess of happiness being its catalyst. You will want to keep the book down, and come back after few minutes.

But here’s when you have to take action.

Hold your body tight and don’t move an inch!


You have to sit there and tell yourself, that it’s just a paragraph you have read, not a great achievement yet, you have bigger things to achieve.

Just sit and proceed with the next paragraph.

Set your target and stand only after 30 minutes.

  1. Think of some motivation factor in between-

If there is an urge to get up in between then keep in front some of the answer sheets in which you had performed well.

It will act as a motivation factor and will remind you of your standards, it will cause an effect that will inspire you to perform better in the next exam.

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Also the paper in which you had got good marks, will remind you how you had prepared for it. How focused you were at that time.

All in short, it will conspire you to again put in the same efforts and do well this time too!

  1. Practice, practice and practice-

Without practicing this process you will never be able to achieve what you wanted.

Great people are great because of a reason, and as it’s said ‘hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard’

Therefore, bringing this process as habit in your lives will never make you push hard enough to sit and study.

Once it becomes a habit, you will just have to GET STARTED!