The firelight holding my future

A poem on how a teenager wishes to see his/her future beforehand, the dreams he beholds in his mind and heart and wishes to know if they will come true or not. But to his surprise she realizes later that knowing the future in advance at this age may not be a good idea, as firstly the surprises that life has got to uncover will not remain and secondly they might even change, given that one has already seen her future and then they may not work for it.

The firelight holding my future

The enigmatic light,
In front of my sight

Dazzling too bright,
In the solitude night,

I jump for a flight,
But to my plight,
I couldn't hold it tight,

I fell outright,
With my jaws tight,

My face shone in the moonlight,
As that firelight,
Had caused an incite,
As I knew,
It held my future inside,

I wasn't alright,
It didn't appeal my pride,

So without a fight,
I decided to be polite,
By which I might,
Get to see my future tonight,

All of a sudden to my delight,
I realized,
Everything will be fine,
When the time is right,

So I set my pique to ignite,
And ignored that entice,
given by that evil in white

For when the time is right,
I will unite,
With my future,
Brighter than bright

- By Shambhavi maurya