Can I come over the guilt?

All of us had experienced some sort of guilt in our lives. This is a poem expressing fully the Heart pain that one goes through when in excessive guilt. However, we should always give ourselves a room to forget what happened and move on.

Can I come over the guilt?

The mistake,
That I made
The guilt,
That I carry

Is making my heart ache,
And causing my confidence to fade

Why did that day
Had to come in my life?

And why at that time
I couldn't hear my conscience

The trust that I broke
The regret it evokes
Honestly I wish I could choke
To death, that I never woke

As they were like God to me
For everyone good to me
In them a reflection of God I see

But neither them nor I
Could question me why
I did this to me
Or that to them

And I knew
This was wrong
I honestly didn't want to do

Yes I was coaxed,
Gently that was forced

But didn't I have the audacity?
To refuse to its tenacity!

As obviously this was wrong
And that's not where I belong
But I was taken along
And the guilt is now lifelong

And yes, I have to move on
From the past that's gone

But something
That keeps me holding
Is the guilt
That has now so strongly built

No matter how hard I try
I will always cry
For the mistake I can't rectify
And my soul wouldn't purify

This feeling might nullify
As the time will multiply
But the regret will always underlie
That will not be seen from any eye

How I wish I could delete
The pain that can't easily redeem
As its engraved too deep

The last option is
To forget and forgive
Things happen, and,
Mistakes are a part of life

This mistake has been forgiven
By the God who is in your heart, hidden
The only thing he expects now
For you is to take a vow

To never ever commit
A mistake so unfit
That will not only sadden others
But will also make you guilty forever