Rare clay dolls from Bengal to decorate rooms of an art lover

If you are a person of artistic taste and preference, decorate your rooms with rare clay dolls from Bengal to add a touch of sophistication and warmth.

Rare clay dolls from Bengal to decorate rooms of an art lover

Your home is a reflection of your personality, taste and preference. The wall colours, furnishings and accessories according to a theme you prefer can create the personal look for each room.

People of artistic taste appreciate traditional art and crafts and use them as home decor items. Warm earthy colours for the walls, exotic and beautifully carved wooden furniture and elegant artworks to decorate the walls and the table tops not only makes your rooms cozy but also aesthetically pleasing.

To decorate your rooms, you can use various kinds of traditional handicrafts belonging to different cultures available all over the world. Here are some ways to make your room aesthetically pleasing using rare traditional clay dolls and handicrafts from Bengal.

Display a 'Tepa Putul' on an embroidered mat on a corner table to give your drawing room a primitive look!

'Tepa Putul' or hand pressed clay dolls represents a unique slice of rich Bengal craft tradition.  These dolls have a very primitive look. Because of their process of making, these traditional clay dolls look like they are from the pre-historic era of Indus Valley Civilization.  

What make them stand out from other clay dolls are the incomplete hands on both sides of the body, the intricately designed buns and tilaks on the foreheads of the female figurines and the eyes that are made by making holes on the faces with the help of sticks. A light yellow or cream shaded wall on the background and old vintage wooden furniture can go well with these brown earthy coloured figurines.

They are made by potters and Patua artists across West Bengal and Bangladesh. Because of their archeological values, these primitive beauties are rare collective items as they are considered as one of the living histories of Bengal. If you really want a piece of history adorning the shelves of your living room, go for a collection of various 'Tepa Putul'.

Exquisitely crafted fired clay dolls from Majilpur add an unmatched earthen appeal to the rooms of a folk art lover!

These rare clay  dolls are only produced at Majilpur, West Bengal. The figurines are painted with vibrant colours and barnished to enhance the lustre. What is unique about these dolls are their eyes which are hand-painted.

A variety of Majilpur dolls are available at different handicrafts hubs in West Bengal. You may find a collection of dolls that depict gods and goddesses like Krishna, Durga, Shiva, Ganesha, Lakhshmi, Kartik, Saraswati, etc. or interesting characters like Bana Bibi, Dakshin Roy, Girl with a Pitcher, Ahlad- Ahladi, etc.

Place the full collection of Majilpur dolls on a wooden shelf in your room. Their vibrant colours and unique brush stroked designs will enhance the look and feel of the room. You can also place the Majilpur dolls of gods and goddesses as a decor in your puja room.

Decorate your home with the aristocrat touch of Terracotta Craft of Bankura!

Terracotta dolls and tiles from the Bishnupur and Panchmura villages of Bankura are the ideal handicraft objects to adorn your beautiful new home and give it a sophisticated look.

Enhance the entrance of your house with a pair of long-necked Terracotta Horse on either side of the door. Don't forget these horses are the logo of All India Handicrafts!  

Pair up terracotta figurines of farmer and his wife with beautiful soft pinks and warm metals to add an extra layer of sophistication and warmth to your living room. For a crisp contemporary look these clay dolls can be paired with pale marbles.

Bedside tables, too, could be decorated with small terracotta figurines of elephants, Lord Ganesha, owls, villagers, singers, musicians, etc. You can also place a few big dolls and a number of small others on an earthen plate amid the greenery of your balcony.

How to maintain these beautiful decor items?

As clay loses its sheen and colour with time, you need to take care of these dolls to ensure they last long and retain their glaze. You can use soft brushes to clean the serrated designs. Avoid using wet cloth  to clean the surface as it might smear the colours on them. Be careful to choose the spot to place them as they break easily.

Conclusion: Even though these traditional clay dolls have old rustic looks they add a sense of depth as well as warmth and character to a space. Earth colours and earthy objects always create an energizing vibe inside the room.