Hello to everyone reading this and to every girl who is really very special! Living without knowing what extra you owe is having pizza without cheese. So here I am penning down many fun facts exceptional about us that we might possess but might not really be aware of.


let’s head towards knowing more about ourselves.  

First of all, all of us are really good at time management. We have tons of work loaded on our heads waking up in the morning but we manage it extremely effortlessly. Our day is spent by chatting and laughing with friends, checking out the new arrivals on apparels and in between completing all our tasks.

Secondly, we always look at the other side of the picture. When we listen people talk we can completely understand what the other person is feeling and what could exactly have happened. Thereby we become great emotional pillars.

Third, we have the ability to do anything we want. We are versatile. From managing household chores to flying aeroplanes, or from being a designer to be a rocket scientist. We have the ability to do anything. Therefore if girls are given a chance to pursue their field of interest and build up their own identity they must not, at any cost, sacrifice that.

Fourth, we are the fun freaks without whom the whole world will be really boring. We are the ones who bring colours to life. We are the ones for whom the fashion industry works day and night. And finally we are the ones who can control the whole bunch of men with just expressions.

Fifth, we are the best performers at managing finances. Because when it comes to save money we would have secretly got a sideboard with huge sums of cash, and when it comes to spending we will spend it on all the items which are just going to create a mess at home but we think it might be needed in future.

Sixth, we are very good at hiding pains and showing them as and when the situation demands. We will show them when we really have to get out of the state of affairs where we don’t want to be and hide them when we don’t want that something should be ruined just because we are in pain.

And there are tons of things that are so special about all of us girls but can’t be shared in this lifetime. But the whole kit and caboodle can be summarised as ‘love yourselves as there is no one like you! You go girl!’