You know you are no different when it comes to having a really bad day or a day so happy of which, surprisingly, you don’t even know the reason why was it so pleasing.


You know it’s a good day when you are exceptionally motivated, you are feeling so content with yourself as if this is the best life anyone could get, you smile at stupid talks and shower love on everyone as at that point of your lifetime you think that everyone’s different (which we don’t accept otherwise), you tend to sing happy songs and laugh a lot, you literally feel on top of the world, and there is some sort of energy inside of you, which you think that you are specifically blessed with for what not reason.

And then you know it’s your bad day when you feel that the whole world is so unfair, why is it just always me so sad? Why can’t things ever go my way? Why am I not good at anything? And feel that we are not capable to do anything after all what special have we done till now? We get irritated at everything around us and YES we forget at that time, that everyone is different, but all we think at that time is, ‘how the hell is that person so happy?!’ or ‘How can that person even talk like that!?’ There is no motivation factor at all, and the funniest part, you also tend to play the gloomiest songs on your playlist!

But you know what the best part is everyone is like that and you realize it’s your mood swings hitting you right now (not because you are down because it happens with boys too!)
For many important reasons we should always keep our check on our mental health and smiling makes it better, always! how we define mental health is also very important, hence read here on how we should define our mental health! 

So why is it that we hear great people say SMILE, as it’s the best curve which sets everything straight? Because we don’t know when someone is having their share of bad days. We don’t know what the other person is stressed about. We don’t know what must have happened just a day before while that person is standing fine in front of you, we don’t know anything about them.

 I hope you recall all those instances when a stranger smiled at you for no reason or someone was kind to you when you least expected. Didn’t it make you happy?

We can connect with ourselves only when we understand that we have to be sad for now to feel the sweetness of good days. So let’s end our all days with a SMILE. So please SMILE now!