9 Essential Tips for a Small Bedroom Arrangement to make it Look Bigger

Here are a few essential tips for small bedroom decoration and design to make it look bigger and also to keep a room clean, beautiful, and not clumsy at the same time. A small bedroom design to make it look big has to be very intact while also being very spacious to let airflow.

9 Essential Tips for a Small Bedroom Arrangement to make it Look Bigger

Let’s go ahead for some small bedroom décor ideas:

Instead of the floor use the walls for the décor of small bedrooms-

When one loves to decorate their home and especially the bedrooms, people tend to buy a lot of accessories for the floor which will leave the room cluttered and over-filled.

Therefore, one should try and use the walls, for this reason, some small murals or some hanging pieces of designer clothes to design the walls while leaving the floors empty and spacious.


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Use light and flowy curtains for smaller bedrooms-

When it comes to making your bedrooms bigger one cannot ignore the air and light flow in it and what else, it makes your room utterly spacious and beautiful.

For that one can use light and bright curtains and not heavy ones for the windows so that the room is filled with light and brightness.


Paint the walls of the small bedrooms with white or off-white-

The walls have a great role to play as well because that’s what keeps you surrounded in the room. Some people prefer to color them red, blue, or green colors which makes them look too gloomy and also small.

To keep in mind the look that we want to achieve in our small bedrooms, opting for light-colored walls helps.


The cupboards should be preferably wall fitted-

It is highly recommendable to not use any other cupboards or cabinets in the rooms and make use of the wall-fitted cupboards so that no extra space is used and the room remains spacious and big.


Avoid keeping plants or floor lamps-

for small rooms, one should avoid keeping plants and floor lamps on the floors as it takes away a lot of space and also they become a headache as in the small rooms you might even bump into them from time to time for no reason.

And also plants and floor lamps are always kept in bigger rooms to cover up the extra empty spaces.

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Use wall-fitted lamps or fairy lights

For a small room, décor feel free to use wall-fitted lamps or ball-shaped lamps, or even the fairy lights on either of the four walls (however all the walls can also be used).

These small wall-embedded décor items look amazing and do not even contribute towards space acquisition.


The floor also preferably should be light in color

Just as the color of the walls contributes a lot to the ambiance of the room also in the same way the color of the floor has a great role play. If you have wooden textured flooring with dark chocolate color then maybe it doesn’t really help you to make your small bedroom look bigger.

For a better and bigger, seemingly better effect on your bedroom, it is quintessential to keep lighter floors, and preferably off-white or even light brown flooring would be good enough too!


Use a very light and flowery scent to lighten the bedroom’s aroma-

Also, an add-on tip to make your room feel better, lighter and larger is to use a room freshener of any light scent, not a strong, pungent smell which might make your headache. So if possible then don’t forget to add this thing to your bedroom as well.

Avoid getting built bed frames 

Bed frames might look fancy and might also be very supportive in some ways, including in hanging the mosquito nets and stuff like light curtains, but for small bedrooms, one should avoid getting these built so that the room doesn't suffocate. 

Well, these are the small things that I feel are absolutely necessary to keep in mind to make your small bedroom look bigger, if you have any other ideas please do let me know in the comments below!


Happy Styling! :)