Is it okay to stop and savor the present moment? Would you be left behind?

Sometimes it gets a little confusing for people to find the right balance between hustling and at the same time stopping, taking a break and enjoying the present. Lets see how that fits with the vision that you hold for yourself.

Is it okay to stop and savor the present moment? Would you be left behind?

The purpose of life for me always meant one thing to me; to chase what you desire and keep yourself occupied with it day and night, breathe, eat and sleep your goals, and then celebrate your achievements!

But one thing my 21st birthday made me realise is, that it's okay to stop and enjoy the present too.

But wait?

Why all of a sudden that came to my mind? It could have been on my mind even before, right? And does it mean that earlier I wasn’t enjoying my life?

Your goals, aims and ambitions and your creative mindset define you. This life is an ongoing journey of excelling in it and enjoying what you do, it’s a game!

You have missions and levels to achieve, in between you have breathers!

I always felt if I stop, I would fall behind the crowd that is consistently working for something. So, with partial clarity in my head of where I wanted to be, I just kept moving forward, sometimes I would realise that this is not exactly where I would want to go further, so I would stop. However, the vision of my destination is very clear, so taking diverse paths and stopping mid-way on the wrong path only brings you closer to where you actually want to land up.

Hustling is a part of the process. That’s what I kept on doing. Exploring and hustling. And I am still up with it. I have a clear vision of my goal, but the route is unclear.

So just keep moving :) 

But if I take a break now, would it mean I am lagging behind others? And when should I know, I should take a break and savour the present?

So, I realised its after you achieve certain basic things that you feel contented with, you start to feel that you should now take a little break.

That 'break-taking' moment is different for everyone. You’d know it when it comes to you, for a founder of a start-up his first dollar earning can mean he can take a day off and introspect what went right for him, for a student it can be good grades, etc.

And that’s why the definition I always held for the purpose of life still holds true! He-he!

So, were we enjoying the hustling part?

Yes of course! if you are chasing your own dream then every single moment is a celebration. You think of so many creative ideas to work on, to find new ways to reach that vision that is stuck in your mind so badly. It is the most fun than anything else!

You enjoy your company and you automatically start improving different aspects of your life. You have setbacks too, you have frustrating nights, you have an unsatisfied existence even when everything around seems perfect to the world! But you are on a mission and that’s what makes you, you!

You learn to motivate yourself, find ways to make yourself happy with life, become more accepting of everyone’s different journeys in this life and more importantly you become a modest person who knows their weaknesses too. But at the end, you know yourself so much that you can have a perfect connection with anyone around you and have a good balance in various areas of life.

What does this break comprise of, to make it aligned with your goals and at the same time have a different thing to enjoy with also?

Introspection is the most essential part of this break, along with self-care.

And also along with practicing being compassionate with yourself, one should just relax and catch up with everything that was left behind.

The best way to enjoy this break is to go where your heart leads to. No rules!

This is a rejuvenation phase after all.

And if you are in love with the long-time vision you held for yourself, you’ll come back to it with more zeal than ever!

Life is such a beautiful journey to explore the different things that exist in this world, why would I want to restrict myself to just the things I know at present? I want to do different things and taking a break is not just essential to enjoy the ones you can right now, but also to discover what’s more that exists, so that the next break that you take, you already have a bucket list of the things to be done!!

Happy Hustling!