Living life is a privilege we have been gifted with and not just something we need to merely bear with. We need to understand that life has got more than breathing, going to work, eating, watching TV, sleeping, doing things we love which we are passionate about and repeating the whole goddamn process!


If you find yourself unhappy about everything that happens or is going around, well I can tell you one thing for sure, you have already set standards for your happiness!

You are allowed to set standards for your life, the clothes you wear, the people you talk to, but happiness is above all the crap of being compared to things!

Yes, we still can get upset and be happy at the same time! It just has got something to do with something you expected didn’t turn out to be as that. But happiness is felt from within and the only way to be happy about things is by being grateful and thankful.

If you get upset about something you didn’t get and thought would bring the happiness to your ever unfortunate life, congrats you just measured your happiness with a ‘thing’.

So just activate your inactivated button of praising things or situations and also have the feeling of gratitude, as believe me on this but everything around you is happening for a reason.

Also for a start you should start loving yourself, it’s very important.

Start forgiving people as whatever they do, it is because they have also gone through something terrible, and if not terrible but definitely something which is why they behave like this, there must have been some incidents with them that causes them to behave in a certain way. And what next, just block them from everywhere of your life, if that’s what it takes to block the negative dynamism!

Start talking to people who motivates you and if you don’t find them, knock the door of that old age couple who are your neighbours, I am sure they prove to be a good company!

Why not also spend time with kids? They are also an awesome company donors in case you are lonely!

And please if you still think these are not such great ideas to be happy about, again you have set standards for your happiness and sadly, you are going to be sad again!

So just stop setting standards and find your hidden smile in the small things of life, because life never stops amusing you as it never stops knocking you down too!