If you are looking for the cheap ways to organize your kitchen and make it look bigger and spacious, here are some ways which you can do to your kitchen to start loving it again and enjoy cooking there!


Find some space for spices/jars-

the most space is occupied by the jars and spices inhabiting small spaces all around the cupboard. And since there are so many jars of spices, regular canned and preserved food and any home-made snacks, all of them can be organized into one slide-out rack, it keeps all the said groceries and food items together and so organized that it facilitates you picking out whatever you want without even trying hard to spot it.

You can also buy an upper cabinet storage for your kitchen which does not occupy a lot of space in your kitchen and also looks good in it.

Buy this rack here- the upper cabinet organizer slider rack for jars and spices

Use light-colored wall paint and accessories-

light-colored walls makes the kitchen look bigger and doesn’t give it a damp look. Light fills up the room and hence it seems more organized and spacious.

Also using light-colored cabinets and cupboards also helps to the light ambiance of the kitchen.

The utensils organizer-

Convert your washed dishes rack and the utensils rack into one utensils/dishes rack. This will eliminate the need for both the racks and give more space to your kitchen. This utensils organizer will be on top of your sinks, where after the dishes are washed are very easily kept hanging there to dry, and what’s more, you will not have to take extra time to put them back in their storage racks, because it is the only place they will be kept. It also stores mugs, glasses, spoons and spatulas, knives, and also your chopping board.

There is also the place to keep the dishwasher soap and hand wash soap.

Buy it here- the dish drying rack and storage.

Remove the cupboard for your wine bottle storage-

the cupboard or your kitchen platform blocks up a lot of space for the wine bottles you have kept. Shifting to keeping them on wall-mounted racks will leave the kitchen more spacious.

Buy the wall mounted wine racks here


Hanging storage organizer for big utensils-

we all have cabinets and cupboards for big utensils like pans, kitchen pots, pressure cookers, and deep-frying pans, etc., let's shift those cupboards to have a hanging storage organizer for it so that less space is taken and also you are able to pick them out easily without having to remove each pot and cooker to reach out to a deep frying pan.

Buy it here hanging storage organizer.

Throw away all the unnecessary items-

it’s the habit of most women to be storing all the items that they think would be required in the future. It is a good habit, but sometimes we overdo it and end up stacking unimportant items.

I know it might be hard to do it, but just have a heart to clean your cabinets and throwing away the unrequired items.


By now almost all the main things occupying your kitchen space is done. The rest of the space can be utilized by you walking and singing freely around. 

Happy organizing! :)