How to spend Covid-19 Holidays?

During this time of Covid-19 Lockdown, we have got a lot of time to do things which we always wanted to do. So as a reminder to us, I have dotted all the activities we can do during this time of coronavirus lockdown.

How to spend Covid-19 Holidays?

I am sure everyone has ideas about how they would be spending their corona holidays. During this hard time amidst all the tension and anxiety we have been given a blessing in disguise to utilise and enjoy our ‘me time’.


Always sunk in the noise of the city we always wished for some personal time to pamper ourselves to love a little stronger. Also watching movies like URI: The surgical strike or Lakshya or Chak de India always invoked the patriotism within us, where we always wished if we could do anything for our country.

So if both of these opportunities are plunged in our hands then why not make the most of it.

Here are some things I did or wish to do to spend my coronavirus holidays and make use of this break to add to my personality and make my days great rather than long.


  1. YES, you gained some weight- Benefits of some stretching is already known by us, and I don’t need to write it point wise here, but obviously in spite of knowing it how many of us do it daily. Kudos to those who do it. But waking up in the morning and doing some stretching exercises will open up our nerves and build up our immunity. This is the time to make your thoughts turn into actions. Try meditation and yoga if you don’t want to straight away jump onto high intensity home workouts.
  2. How about caring about your hair and face?- yes all this while when you were busy with the office work or studies, and didn’t get time for your skin and hair, you must have cursed your life or maybe your genetics to give you such kind of oily or dry skin, and frizzy hair. That’s why today I decided to make a hair pack which consisted of aloe Vera, curd, honey, some essential oils, lemon and my love in it. I kept it for an hour or so and now my shiny beautiful are flowing with the wind.
  3. Did you check your closets and book shelves? - Always felt lazy cleaning your stuff? And thought that you are wasting your precious time on it. I am sure not this time definitely, but still if you feel the same then you really need a smack on your face by your mom! HE-HE-HE. So after you have applied your hair pack and need to keep it for a while, use that time to clean your wardrobes and arrange your book shelves. It will actually cause a positive flow in your mind and if you think your mind was quite cluttered with thoughts, it will de-clutter your mind and invoke a sense of achievement at the end of the process.
  4. I always knew, you had the passion for cooking- Always waited for the time to bake your favourite cake or cook that pasta recipe you saw recently. Yes no time could be better than this. Get the ingredients from your nearest store with mouth covered with the mask, keeping distance from people, and washing your hands and clothes when you return home. And enjoy your delicious food. You know a fun fact that we tend to enjoy the food cooked by us more than when it’s cooked by someone else.
  5. Your hobbies don’t grow with time but with practice- why not wet those paints again and colour the sheets or just string the guitar and hum a song no matter how bad you sing. You can always say yes to dancing and zumba, do whatever and wherever your heart lie, but don’t let the sand of time flow away with the whoosh of wind.
  6. No I haven’t missed out the movies- yes this is the best time you can watch those old retro movies you wanted to but chose your work to be on priority. And why not some horror or thriller movies to test your heart sensitivity. And comedy movies never go out of vogue right? After the day being spent doing all the hard work and stuff, watch a movie after lunch so that you don’t waste time sleeping.
  7. Did you forget that investing in yourself is important too- Do some online course this time, learn a foreign language or learn some writing skills, what about some programming language or maybe diving into some finance. You can learn any musical instrument or some classical music. And there is always some room for your studies, completing your syllabus or reading novels, isn’t it?
  8. Manicure pedicure delight- dip your hands and feet in some Luke warm water mixed with honey and conditioner or maybe any soap or shampoo. Surf the net regarding what all to mix the water with. Enjoy the time, rinse off the dead skin cells and smoothen out your skin.
  9. Write a journal- write a journal about your day and how you imagine yourself in future. Let the journal consist of everything that motivates you to be a better version of yourself.
  10. Last but not the least- spending time with your family is an eternal bliss. Talk your heart out to them at this time, have long conversations and understand them more during this time. No matter how long your relationship had been for, there is always a thing your family doesn’t sense about you, let them know about it.


Let this time be the best time for you to introspect within yourself. Quarantining yourself and doing these things will only help your country to be safe. #coronabaskarona