For sure, everyone agrees that LOVE has changed its dynamics in the recent times. After keeping my grandparents under a non-conscious surveillance for a very long time. I have agreed that love has no language or requires no such showers of rose petals or a sudden amplification of the moon in the extra dark sky.


So before starting I must clarify that here my grandmother have been called DADI and grandfather as DADU.

When dadi keeps my dadu’s medicines in small pouches, each been tagged as at what time it should be taken, before or after dinner. Not only that giving the sourest medicine alone without mixing it with other better ones, so that he doesn’t have to sulk eating it.

Keeping a pot filled with some water enough to make a cup of tea, with some milk kept in a cup separated, a sieve alongside and the sugar and tea in front of the kitchen platform to be able to spot it.

When I insisted on making him eat the chilla that I made, she too insisted on giving him just half of it. However her predictions were strong that he would make his stomach upset by the midnight as I gave him the full chilla. And guess what, it proved to be true.

When he went for a walk as he didn’t go for a long time since he was not well, she had warned him of catching cold and disturbing his body system again. After assuring dadi firmly he said it won’t happen. And guess what next morning he woke up coughing, with the cruellest headache due to cold.

All his clothes being warmed by her in the heater so that his bones don’t shiver after wearing it. Cutting his fruits and peeling it off on her own, refusing to seek any help from anyone, so that she is confident that what he eats is clean and the way she wants dadu to eat.

When dadu scolds her for standing all day long and doing all the small, insignificant work she gets really upset. But for whose advantage is he saying that dadi?

When he snores as loud as possible but waking up he feels guilty for disturbing dadi the whole night. Why has the guilt come? Because of love!

Many instances have been missed out here due to my lack of sustaining memory. But you must have got the essence of how love is expressed in people of their age!

Any motivations you got, please do share with us!