How to have a painless Brazilian waxing?

Looking for some painless bikini waxing hacks or ideas, I have one for you, absolutely tried and tested! Well it’s not 100% painless but I guarantee you, it doesn’t pain as much as it does with a regular bikini wax and it is very easy to do it yourself!

How to have a painless Brazilian waxing?

So most of us have had embarrassment issues when it came to the topic of a bikini wax, but what if I tell you that it can be done by you, yourself at home at your own comfort level.

I heard of the peel-off bikini wax which is suitable for bikini or sensitive areas. But I couldn’t gather the guts to go out and get it done, though it doesn’t really matter and you can very well get it waxed out in the parlors.

But for those bunch of ladies who wish to save some bucks and time, can do it themselves at home!

So I am going to assume that you have really thick grown, bushy hair (Okay, don’t mind me mentioning it so clearly, I am just doing it for everyone to be very clear with the idea of doing it correctly and so that everyone benefits from this)

So yeah, when I did it for the first time, oh my god, it really was terrible, it is going to be like that for the first time, but believe me you are going to sail through it! Because the next successive times you do it, it is going to be less painful and scary!

For you to have a less painful experience, I will advise you not to do the whole process in one day. Yes, you read that right! It will allow you to have time to breathe and prepare for it (since you are doing it yourself and also for the first time).

So you are going to do this in three sessions.

SESSION 1: The Mons Pubis area

This is the upper and front area of your bikini bottom and this is where you begin with for the very first time. You need to heat the Rica wax on a stove or a wax heater, and then with the help of a wooden spatula, you will apply it from the outer part towards down to the inner part, just above the lining. You are going to cover the entire area in the directions from out to in, the way of hair growth. After you are done with that part of the area, you will already be tired and would have gone through a bit of pain (not much) as this hard wax is very painless and it was due to this wax that such a less painful bikini wax was possible.

Apply the after wax argon oil lotion as it moisturizes the skin and prevents any kind of irritation and redness. Do it after every session.

The advantage of using this Brazilian black Rica wax is that it also lightens the skin over there, leaving it soft and lighter than before.


SESSION 2: The labia majora and the bikini line

So this second session can happen the very next day, and you can do it very easily by applying the wax in the direction of the hair growth, that you need to carefully check, and then quickly peel the wax off. Do it on the outer part which is the bikini line, as you don’t want to miss it too! And whoosh and it is done!  

Both the sides of the labia can be done, and it is extremely painless, thanks to this peel-off Brazilian wax.


SESSION 3: The inner grown hair

The hair in the inner lining is the easiest and is to be done on the third day in the third session. The procedure and the way to do it is the same. Just apply the wax and peel it off.


After these three sessions, you will have a clean bikini area with hygiene and skin breathing freely.

So why do we need to get bikini wax done?

Well, some ladies get it done before their marriage, and while some start it in their early twenties. This is important and needs to be talked about so as to remove this awkwardness associated with it. Also, it’s important because it’s healthy for your bikini area to be clean and be rid of vaginal secretions (though those are healthy too, but it depends on what type of secretions they are, as in their color and smell). It is also said, the shorter the hair of the pubic area, the better in health they are.

But also the growth of these hair are also important and so is their presence. The hair over our private parts restricts the entry of bad bacteria into our system and avoids infections. So while waxing, even if some hair is left, let it be, it’s for good, but yeah not a whole bunch of it.



Where to shop? Click on the following links to get one for yourself!

These products are very cheap if you look at it this way.

You will have to spend around INR 1000 (the least cost I have heard till now) for the wax to be done in the parlors, and there you are again next month, giving away another INR 1000 to them. So for the whole year, you will give away INR 12000 (that too when I took the least amount, god knows what price your area charges for bikini wax plus the extra cost of having facial wax done plus the cost of petrol burnt while travelling. And not to mention the cruelty with the way they wax, and the awkwardness too!

While looking at the other way round, you have got this whole wax of 800ml for INR 2500 plus INR 1000 (varies though, so maybe even less) Shipping charges and you are going to buy it just once in a year (only when you wax your face, bikini area and eyebrows every month you will be required to buy it two times a year), which equals to INR 3500 which is even lesser than the half, least possible amount I mentioned above, with the added benefit of your home’s comfort and zero awkwardness. Or even if it is INR 7000 (buying it two times) still you are at a profit!

I think I have explained it enough and now you are good to go with your own bikini wax!

Buy it over here for the black Brazilian wax- Brazilian Black Bikini Wax

You can also buy the Liposoluble wax with argan oil and it does the same work for you, but it is for the people with extra sensitive skin.

This is a must for everyone to apply some after wax lotion and therefore remove all the possibilities for redness, itchiness, and irritation.

Buy the lotion here-   After wax lotion argon oil


Pro tip:

You can use this wax also to remove the facial hair and also to trim the eyebrows! The extra outgrown hair of your eyebrows can be very easily removed by applying this carefully on the outer line of your brows, where the extra hair is there, and just peel it off in one go, and you will have a naturally shaped eyebrows look, and the reason I say naturally is because when we do threading, the shape it so proper that it somehow looks absurd and overdone, therefore to have a natural made eyebrows look, which by the way most of the actresses are doing nowadays, you can try this peel off wax!

And obviously the facial hair can be removed at your own ease and in the less painful way with this peel-off wax.

So what are you waiting for, go grab your Brazilian Black bikini wax and share me your experiences in the comments below!