9 Types of Formal wear for Office Look

If you are looking for some formal office wear you are going to love these formal looks as they will match the trending office look. These dresses can also work for the whole week, and since the office is just for five or six days, you can eliminate the formal outfit which you don’t like.

9 Types of Formal wear for Office Look


Let’s head over to these formal office looks!


Dress with a blazer:

Keeping it very formal, match a bodycon dress with same coloured lightweight summer blazer like white on white for the summer. For winters wear a sheath dress with a plaid blazer. Accessorize it by wearing hoop earrings.

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Pant Suit:

They have become an inseparable element of a working woman’s wardrobe because of their bossy appearance. Adding to that, pastels have become a worldwide sensation. Wearing pumps with them gives a very sexy and bossy look. If you are not a fan of high heels, then choose flat mules for them. Also tie a sleek ponytail to make a bold statement in your workplace.

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Blazer Dress:

This will change your opinion about blazers. Their styling range from super sexy to very modest. Choose light and soothing colors for the summers. Try them once and you’ll be a fan of them. Styling them for winter is magnificent because of layering. Layer a sleeveless tweed blazer dress with a mock neck jumper for a unique look and put on your boots to make sure your feet stay warm.

Blouse and pencil skirt:

This couple is inextricable. Women prefer this because they are easy to style and comfort. Style a polka dot shirt with a pencil skirt and you are ready to slay the interview. You can also go for a wrap top instead of a shirt. If you want to carry a casual business look, then wear a cami top with a skirt and a blazer. Here blazer will give more of a formal look but if you want to keep it a little low then you can avoid it as well. Put on a watch and a bracelet as accessories and you are all ready to go.

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They are perfect for summer as well as winter. For the hot days, go for a sleeveless striped jumpsuit to keep you cool. For the latter, put on a trench coat so that you stay warm. Don’t forget to wear a cute small pendant to finalize your OOTD.



Since you have to wear the clothes for the entire day, a day that will have a lot of hustle and bustle, you definitely want to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. This is where the pants come to a rescue. I am not talking about just the regular pants. There are so many types of plants that you can wear to work. Right now I am just going to help you style a few pants. Pair cigarette pants with a fitted top and wear simple drop earrings. Flare leg pants with a plain shirt make up a chic attire. For more styling, tie a scarf as Windsor. Culotte’s pants are super comfortable. They are very airy and works best in the summer. Wear them with shirt or tops to make a semi-formal outfit. Put on your Oxford shoes and show up at work with confidence.


Indian formal outfit:

Being an Indian I am very fascinated about them. They make me feel at ease. Choose a straight Kurta set or mix and match kurta with plazo pants. For a semi-formal look you can replace plazo with jeans. Another outfit is something that not everyone finds easy to handle, but many women find this more comfortable than other outfits. I think so by now you know what I am talking about. It’s Keeping it professional, Saree should not be very heavy. Choose simple geometric print ones or color block saree. For touch up, put a Bindi which will impart a more authentic look.


Turquoise pleat skirt with a blouse-

skirts have been my favorite all the time, and when it comes to office wear, I cannot resist wearing a skirt, and then I find this turquoise pleat skirt which is again leading the 2020 skirt look, therefore it looks elegant and formal, which is easy to carry and makes you confident!

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Plaid skirt with a blouse-

This look is the new trendy and looks so casual yet formal. It can be best worn on those simple office days where you obviously have to be formal but in a casual way. This look has been favored a lot nowadays for the stunning and unique design of the skirt.

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 Do comment your favorite style of formal wear! 

Happy styling! :)