5 Sunglasses for Holidays in Beach

So planning for a holiday at a beach? I understand the confusion we have while shopping the correct type of sunglasses. We often tend to over judge the type of glasses we are carrying as something overdone or underdone for a beach style wear. Well here’s a complete guide to find your beach goggles that suits your dress type too!

5 Sunglasses for Holidays in Beach

1. The round glasses-

I don’t know why I am extra attracted to these round sunglasses as it looks super classy with any type of outfit we wear! And what’s the best part, it seems to have been designed keeping in mind the bikini beach look ( He-He)

But yeah, it looks awesome on round faces, and whether you are carrying a frock, a midi, a bikini or shorts with a tank top, these round glasses are going to rock your Instagram pictures.

Don’t think twice whether your face is going to match the glasses or not, as usual, it goes with all types of face shapes and not just round faces!

Buy it here- round glasses 

2. The Browline framed sunglasses-

I always wonder why these sunglasses never go out of my choice for the beach look, I mean yes for one or two days we are definitely going to wear the round goggles, but now I certainly will not repeat the same fashion of glasses on the other days. And so this browline sunglasses are amazing for swaying your beach look!

Definitely a must for all those women who love experimenting with their looks!

Buy it here- Browline Glasses 

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3. The aviator or pilot glasses-

Again don’t you think the aviator glasses somehow look extra smart on you? These pilot glasses are good for your evening walks on the sand witnessing the beautiful sunset! I would prefer the colored shades (those which match the color of the beach area!) Of these sunglasses, so that you seamlessly combine with the travel place you are in!

Buy it here- Pilot Glasses

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4. Small Oval Sunglasses-

Ohh the Retro style of glasses are back, and so I am not going to count them out! These look fabulous plus fantastic = fantabulous on every type of face, I repeat, every shape of faces! So just try them out with some of your hangings shrugs that you are going to wear over your hot pants and spaghetti tops, it looks so good!

Okay so I would stop blathering here about how stunning that looks! Please try yourself!

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5. The square-shaped glasses-

Yeah enough of the round ones now! I would love to carry a different shape too, for you know having made a step to stand out of others! Therefore these dark shades cut in rectangles and squares are so stunning! I think we should give it a try!

Buy it here- Square shaped glass  

Also do comment your favorite type of glasses and what beach look you would love to wear!

Happy styling!