Trending Handbags of 2020 that everyone should have

Now as we have already sustained our love for handbags all these years, why not look into some of the trending handbags of 2020 that are back with its own fashion statement.

Trending Handbags of 2020 that everyone should have

1. The Large Funky Tote bags:

These are rectangular shoulder bags with medium handles. They are usually big in size that makes them really roomy so that you can carry around a lot of stuff in them. They can be worn out to grocery shopping, school, and college or anywhere else.


The printed and funky tote bags seamlessly go everywhere with every casual outfit, so shout out for all those casual dress lovers who need are now going to need a tote bag to add to their fashion style.

But the best part about this to be trending is that now they are also worn and look great with crop tops and high waist skinny jeans. You can even pair them with wide-leg pants or a flowy midi skirt.

This is not going to look odd, it will certainly fit into your dress and will make you stand out of the crowd!

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2. The Satchel:

Now they are something that every woman has. They are not worn on the shoulder, instead they are carried on the elbows or in hands. Their flat bottoms make them very stable. They never go out of style, the only thing that changes in satchel bags are the color preferences!

 They can really make you stand out in your offices or workplaces, fashion-wise.  The leather ones are a bliss as they demonstrate a bossy look. They go really well with dresses, formal skirts and pantsuits.

They might also have small pockets on the inside for you to store your little makeup essentials.

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3. Backpacks:

They top the list of back to school essentials, but when it comes to have a caboodle of things for a trip, they work the best and are never out of vogue!

They come as single pocket, double or multiple pockets making it easy for you to carry around your heavy stuff. They can be made of leather, polyester or denim too! They are very handy for traveling and the new versions it gets every year is what makes it a thing that we can never let go of!

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4. Crossbody bags:

Who doesn’t like their hands free from holding things on an outing with friends or walking down the streets of a foreign country? Well, they will do it for you.

Round Boho style straw bags peak the summer vogue.  You can fancy them with a boyfriend t-shirt and pair of shorts.

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5. Clutch:

Are you also a vintage lover? Then there should be included in your collection. As the vintage fashion comes back they seem to be blinding women. They are spending so much on collecting them. Well not just collecting but also carrying them around so that people could see how classy their fashion is.

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Carrying a cute little clutch to a dinner date or to a wedding will flood your day with compliments. They have evolved a lot. They are embellished with gold or silver to make them more attractive.

Printed ones usually are very colorful.


6. Drawstring bags:

They are pretty simple and make you look very relaxed. You can carry them to school or a picnic. These can be plain or printed. Printed ones really attract the teenagers.

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7. Tubular bags:

As the name suggests these are tubular or cuboidal, and they are the kind of handbags worth spending money on!

They are going to not only give you space to keep your things in it, but also are in fashion, this makes them the most desirable bags of 2020!

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8. Knitted Bags:

knitted bags have a unique style of their own, they look old styled and fancy, and very casual at the same time. They have come back with a layer of style again in 2020, which hopes to rise in us the same summer love feeling with light music playing behind!

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9. Bum bags:

These are belt bags that are worn by men and women both. They are worn across the shoulder or as a belt. They give a very sporty look. They are paired with dresses, sweatshirts, sweaters, boyfriend T-shirts, crop tops, and what not! Literally they look good on everything.

With its latest style of tying it around our chest from our shoulders, this style has been trending off lately and therefore is again one of the 2020 handbags choices!

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10. Beach bag:

Planning to hit the beaches this summer? Don’t forget to take your beach bag along with you! Beach bags are waterproof to protect your essentials. These are really big so that you can stuff your clothes, swimwear, creams and what not!

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