How to do Hair Steaming at Home in 2020? Benefits of Hair Steam and a detailed process of Hair Steaming!

Sometimes your hair needs some moisture and nourishment, and nothing can be much easier than giving your hair some steam. Hair steaming is a process of giving your hair the much-needed care by strengthening the hair follicles providing it the steam which would give it a deep conditioning treatment.

How to do Hair Steaming at Home? Benefits of Hair Steam and a detailed process of Hair Steaming!

All the questions are going to be answered here in this article related to hair steaming.


  1. Benefits of hair steaming
  2. How often should one steam their hair?
  3. Can hair steaming be harmful to your hair?
  4. Things to do before hair steaming
  5. How to do Hair steaming at home
  6. Hair steaming at home Vs. hair steaming at parlor with hooded caps
  7. Products that need to be used for a proper Hair steaming process
  8. Conclusion

Benefits of hair steaming

Hair steaming can provide great elasticity to your hair

If your hair has no stretchability then hair steaming helps it regain its elasticity. Hair steaming helps your hair develop its absorbing capacity and it helps it absorb moisture too quickly

If you suffer from regular hair breakages in between then trying out hair steaming would help out a great deal to you

Since your hair elasticity increases it becomes ideally very suitable for your hair to stay away from hair breakages and hair thinning.

When you bend your hair and it ties up easily, it will happen due to high hair elasticity

Hair steaming not only helps to add moisture but also shine to your hair-

hair steaming as it does, adds so much moisture to your hair and helps your hair in turn look healthier and shinier. When your scalp is clean and healthy, then your hair is happy therefore it gives more shine to your hair.


If you suffer from recurring dandruff and scalp problems then hair steaming would help a great deal by cleaning out the dirt and scalp-

 When one undergoes the process of hair steaming it helps the dirt to detach from the scalp and after it is rinsed off with a sulfate-free shampoo or even a regular shampoo your hair is cleansed properly and it breathes amazing!

Hair steaming promotes hair growth and its overall health-

If you feel that your hair has stagnated growth then you must try out hair steaming as it helps the natural hair oils to flow out which in turn promotes hair growth. Many women face issues after having a haircut when they either are hopeless about their hair growth after a bad haircut or when they suffer from incessant hair fall.

Definitely read this article till the end until you find a sure-shot way of hair care by hair steaming

Hair steaming improves the blood circulation flow in your head which results in a better mood and a clear mind-

any problem related to hair starts with the scalp. So if you want to cure your dry scalp and itchiness, dandruff and steaming your hair after oiling opens up the skin pores and helps in detaching the debris from the scalp and therefore cleaning the scalp.

Hair steaming also causes the release of special hormones called endorphins which lets your body relaxes and acts as a stress buster.

How often should one steam their hair?

Hair steaming is a very healthy process and one can do it once or twice a week for their results to show up. Though hair steaming shows results after its first time only, doing it on a weekly basis will help your hair always stay healthy and shiny.


Can hair steaming be harmful to your hair?

This is one of the most asked questions by everyone who is looking forward to starting their hair steaming process.

The answer to your question is, NO! Hair steaming is not at all harmful for your hair, though obviously, you treat your hair with, but the heat is not direct and also not coming out of a device that is being directed to hair straight.

Hair steaming is a healthy way of giving out heat or moisture to your which helps the hair keratin molecules to bind tightly together. While straighteners or hair dryers damage the hair with direct heat.

However, hair steaming more than twice a week can be quite harmful to your hair and also weaken the hair follicles.

So stay worry-free and treat your hair with some love with hair steaming.


Things to do before hair steaming

Many people also suggest doing hair steaming after your hair is freshly washed and cleaned, but one can also do it even if you don’t prefer to wash it before the treatment.

In short, both methods are almost similar except for the first step that needs to be done. Nonetheless, I would be describing both methods but preferably you should prefer washing your hair before because hair steaming because any hair treatment that you give to your hair


How to do hair steaming at home?

  1. Apply some conditioner or coconut/olive oil to your hair and most preferably your hair should be clean and if it is not too dirty you can go ahead with hair steaming with it. Apply the conditioner to the lower ends of your hair and make sure to apply an even coating to your hair. Oiling your hair before hair steaming would also be very feasible and easy to apply. Both the options work very well
  2. Cover your hair with a shower cap and make sure to tie your hair in a bun and keep the bun tied low.
  3. Now use a face towel or a small towel and dip it in water. Make sure to squeeze the water completely, not a single drop should be left as you don’t want to risk your neck burning. A face cloth or any type of good absorbent cloth is also very good for this task
  4. Microwave the towel for 3 minutes at very high heat, and don’t worry about the steam that you notice coming out of it, it’s absolutely normal. Before keeping the cloth on the microwave plate make sure it is very clean and not stained with anything
  5. Carefully pick up the hot towel and keep it on the shower cap that you are wearing, on top of that wear another shower cap so that the heat and steam don’t ooze out of the cap and it never cools down
  6. Keep the towel on for 30 minutes and get yourself involved in reading something or just cleaning your house, or whatever so that your 30 minutes don’t seem too long
  7. If you want to keep it for a longer time for better results keep on repeating the heating microwave process for 2-3 times and wait for the wonderful results you will get after you wash it

Hair steaming at home vs. hair steaming at parlors with hooded caps

If you have been wondering whether your hair steaming would bring about the results that you desire, then don’t be tempted to rush to parlors and spend the money which could have been invested in a better way otherwise.

Then investing in a hair hooded cap won’t be a big issue and it can be very easy to use once you know how to use it. Learning it is also not a big task, a self-dependent device.

  1. Keep your head under the hooded cap and keep your settings under steam
  2. Tie your hair in a low bun and keep it on top of your head
  3. After the hair steaming process rinse off your hair with cold water as it helps the hair follicles to close and avoids the entry of any dirt in there
  4. Let your hair dry naturally and enjoy your hair blowing in the wind

So now you have also got an idea to get parlor-like hair steam at home!   

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Products that need to be used while the hair-steaming process

There is no such hard and fast rule for certain products to be used for hair steaming. All you need are the following

  1. A hooded cap if you want the process to be done more conveniently. A small thing to keep in mind while buying hooded hair caps is that they should not be very cheap or of bad quality as you not only risk your hair then but also your life as electric shocks or any other mishap are possible when you buy uncertified or local hair hooded caps
  2. A hair towel or any particular small-sized cloth for your hair, which can be twisted properly into a hair turban and at the same time is not too long for you to make it hard to manage.
  3. Hair steam treatment conditioner/ hair oil (coconut or olive oil) or any other hair oil
  4. That’s all!


All in all, the process of hair steaming is very easy to perform and doesn’t cost much of your time and money. Hair steaming just needs to be done weekly ideally and will give your hair the nourishment it has been looking forward to ever since.

If you have been hair steaming then do tell me how you liked the results after the process in the comments below!