How to De-stress yourself? Find Work Life Balance!

No one can escape the knockdowns of life and finding a work-life balance in that is tough, however, you can easily kick it out of your way easily with a few steps. Distressing about things is easy and de-stressing is tough, maybe, because it takes time but once you learn the art of de-stressing, you won’t be too scared of feeling low again!

How to De-stress yourself? Find Work Life Balance!

A few techniques that can be followed for a better mood are a must-know for everyone who wishes to whoosh away negativity from their lives.

Identify the cause of the stress and solve it-

just jumping straight into removing negativity from your life itself won’t help. Because when you are bothered about something it won’t go away until you have fought with it in your mind. So if you are worried about someone who just said not-so-appealing things or situations or works not going your way, just write it down, write about the reason why is it that the situation is distressing you so much and try to think of a solution (Read it in the book Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins). If the situation in itself is not solvable and it doesn’t seem to be in your hands, then all you can do is have faith in yourself and trust your instincts, and believe absolutely that ‘this shall pass’.

Have some tea or coffee and listen to music/songs-

a song that might have a thousand times the power of transmuting you to a world and having a good time listening to it and complimenting it with some tea/coffee is wonderful. It indirectly commands you to feel absolutely lovable about yourself and if listening to songs suddenly can make you associate your feelings to a past situation then it certainly also had the power to take you out of it! All you need is a better playlist that makes your heart dance to your rhythm!

Have you taken care of yourself?-

taking care of yourself becomes really important and usually, I love to take a really good gush of air on my face by swinging or maybe just walking around in the park, with music ON!

Maybe just go out in the parlor and have a look change, or just help yourself with some DIY face masks or hair packs. Trust me a look change in itself is so motivating and cheering that you would not help but just be extremely happy about yourself.

Read a book or watch a movie-

watching a movie helps me so much to de-stress my mind, even reading a fictional book takes your mind off things that must be distressing you if you weren’t involved in anything else. So do take time out for yourselves too and always focus on the fun part of your life too!

Take a break from work and social media-

usually what distresses people is work-related stuff or the lives of others, so quitting these things for a while becomes a necessity. Sometimes work cannot be avoided but if you do feel you can allow yourself a little break from it do take it shamelessly. Uninstall your social media for a while, 2-3 days is fine, or take your sweet time.

Call your loved ones-

be a child once again and tell them with full heart how much you enjoy their company and being with them. Call them up, spend some talking and chatting over the dramas of your life and giggle about it! In the end, it will be you, yourself who is going to bed with a happy soul.


A few simple things that I follow to feel extremely light and follow them to de-stress about my already distraught yet sorted life!

I hope you guys find these simple techniques very useful, shall love to hear from you all about what all do you think is a great way to de-stress!

Until then good luck and take care!