Can Re-bonding of hair be done at home? A Guide to Permanent Hair Straightening at Home!

Here is a detailed post explaining how you can perform hair Re-bonding/ smoothening/ straightening at home with the same products that are used by the parlors the exception being that at home we can do it at a lesser cost!

Can Re-bonding of hair be done at home? A Guide to Permanent Hair Straightening at Home!

Many girls including me have an obsession for straight hair, and why wouldn’t it be after all straight hair makes so easy for us to manage and also look so ‘naturally beautiful’.

A big question here in the picture is that if it is possible to actually perform all the steps that are required for a proper hair re-bonding process.

FIRST, let’s discuss if there are any harmful or side effects of Re-bonding on hair-

  1. Hair becomes fragile and needs a lot of care after the treatment, therefore, we need to be prepared for the extra care that needs to be given to it
  2. One cannot tuck behind the hair nor tie them for one month it can lead to mental irritation as well, which in turn also has detrimental effects on your mood and even cause hair fall
  3. There is an additional risk of hair fall but that absolutely depends on the hair type and genetics
  4. If not done with good products it can lead to hair fizziness and roughness
  5. Also one needs to take care of the regular touch-ups that need to be given to the hair within six months of hair re-bonding

But don’t be scared at all this is not that tough to follow and also not everyone experiences such harmful effects on hair

Therefore you get the following benefits when you do Re-bonding and that’s wonderful if re-bonding is done straight away at home.

  1. It makes your hair look so healthy and beautiful, which will contribute to an attractive look you desire
  2. Easy to manage, when you treat your hair with re-bonding it makes your hair more manageable excluding the trouble it causes in the first few months
  3. It suits every fashion style statement of yours
  4. Gives a very bold yet natural that’s desired by few women
  5. If you are planning to do it yourself at home then it is also going to be very pocket friendly


If you are already in the mood to now decide for yourself then here comes the PROCESS of having a Hair Re-Bonding Treatment at home at your own convenience-

*Please consult your stylist or a professional before doing this

  1. Use the H1 straightener for your hair and apply it just above 1-2 cms above to the roots, Coat the entire hair evenly, make sure to cover the inner sides of your hair too, keep it for 20 minutes
  2. Then wash the cream with plain water, basically, just rinse it off with water and dry it with a dryer and a brush. Your roots should be more carefully rinsed off.

Note: Many people use intermediate plain rinse also to wash away the H1 cream

  1. Use a straightener to set your hair and make sure to cover every single section of your hair and give it the heat of the straightener for about 2 seconds
  2. After you have straightened out your hair apply a neutralizer to it. don’t miss this step at all as this can cause you a lot of hair loss
  3. Leave the neutralizer for 15 minutes and wash and dry it again
  4. Straighten the hair again by dividing your hair into very small sections

Precautions to be taken care of while doing Hair Re-Bonding at home

  1. Don’t miss out on instructions that given above
  2. Don’t tie or wash your hair for the next three days
  3. Don’t use it if your hair is colored or any other processing of hair has been done. only some products can be applied to even colored hair
  4. Make sure to consult someone more experienced because it may not be that easy for someone to perform this at home
  5. Also taking help from someone would help in facilitating the process a lot

Products that worked best for me!

For the past two years, I have been using Sheiseido’s Hair Rebonding cream which is very suitable for fizzy and coarse hair like I have. It does not even cause me any hair damage or hair loss.

It is very easy to use and can be applied very easily by ladies who are doing this process as a beginner and also single-handedly.

But for someone who also remains very confused if the products are being used in the right sequence and also as I mentioned above about the intermediate hair rinse the amazonliss smoothening treatment offers you that as well. I had used this for once and I personally like this one too!

If you are ready to do this yourself feel free to go for any of the two products that I mentioned however if you have got any personal recommendation too please do inform me as well!

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When a lady makes a decision of re-bonding her hair, I can very well understand how it might be challenging for her to make several decisions regarding the salon to pick or if doing at home, the right type of products, and finally the haunting thoughts of losing all her hair at once or the baldness that she might have to face! Well don’t be scared at all (me saying after counting all the negative points here) but actually, you have no reason to be scared about it.

Go about the process in the same manner as mentioned and you will get astounding results in a pocket-friendly way that too at your own convenience!

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Meet ya’ll soon!

Happy styling!