Why sometimes Adjustments are Important?

What is the survival kit of any relationship? And what is the survival kit required to live in this ever changing world?

Why sometimes Adjustments are Important?

And that can be well answered by narrating some instances that has happened to us.

I hope you remember when your dad ‘adjusted’ his finances to fulfil your ‘all of a sudden’ popped up wish. I hope you remember when your mum ‘adjusted’ and despite being ill she woke up in the morning to send you to school not on an empty stomach but also with a tiffin box. I hope you remember when what’s app was introduced ‘you’ ‘adjusted’ to switch from messaging on phone to whats-apping.

So what is all about this phrase in trend “live your life as per your wishes, let the world adjust itself”. Is this how small our mind has become? How can this so called unfair world adjust according to you when you step back where you were required the most?

Humans are not meant to live alone and therefore living together has to come with some adjustments.

When the candle burns to spread its light to others it also adjusts itself by melting a part of it. And It’s not expected of everyone (even myself) to sacrifice like that, but the least that could be done for our loved ones is to understand what he/she expects us to be like in a particular situation.

We adjust with our beautiful lives gifted to us. We adjust with the winters to wear woollen and with the summers to wear cotton and I know all of us are very thankful to the lord almighty for the life we got, and then we end up wishing for ‘something’ extra just to make it much better than the current one.

So this Diwali lets count our blessings and I know for sure they are uncountable for when you start cataloguing them you will end up buying all the notebooks from the stationery shop. Let’s not run away from the adjustments we make for our loved ones. Let’s embrace whatever we have to go through, for them. After all that’s what love makes us do, right?