How to style your small balcony the traditional way?

If you are looking for some wonderful ideas for the small balcony decorations, here are some a few add on things for your dream balcony, to make it your favorite place to dream and love.  

How to style your small balcony the traditional way?

Who doesn’t love beautiful balconies and the breeze of air it offers us, balconies have the capability to take you some other place of world while at the same time you can spend time with friends and family eating your favourite snacks there, while the plants and pots have always been the favourite way of people decorating their balconies.

But do you then stop dreaming about your dream balcony if at the moment you have got a small balcony?

Not at all! Here some great ideas to design your balcony the way you have always dreamed of.

Find some place to sit and relax-

it is always suggested to spend some time outdoors, but if you are not wishing to exactly go in the parks and sit on the benches, why not make some special place in your balcony!

It will also protect you from the torture of scratching your legs badly due to mosquito bites.

Not just that, you can spend hours reading a book there or doing something creative.

These wooden benches are for outdoors though, but are certainly a good fit to be kept in balconies too! They are very easy to manage when kept in balconies, so cleanings issues as such and thus a perfect match for you and your balcony.


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If your balcony does not go well with benches, then you may also opt for small chairs to sit, with a small table to either keep a book or a tray of tea and snacks, or just a small flower pot.


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Using rugs or carpets-

A carpet can also be spread beneath as it fills up the place so beautifully, matching the colour theme of your home.

If not carpets we can also use grass carpets.

Round rugs are also very beautiful, are easy to clean too!

Add some greenery to your balcony-

love for plants and greenery is amazing, and using them in our balconies has always been loved, however, using them in the most stylish way too is an art!

Let’s discover some new ways by which can place plants in our balconies.

Use rectangular pots for the edges of your balcony.

One other way keeping your plants the stylish way can be to use plants ladder shelves, this looks so organized and is such a fabulous idea to add plants to your balcony.


Fairy lights and lamps-

fairy lights and lamps would lighten up the balcony at night, it would be dim and lighted at the same time, enough to make your heart sing songs and find some cosiness.

You can keep some lamps on your tables or on the floor, and it looks so adorable and beautiful.


While the fairy lights can be hung on the walls and on your collection of plants too.

Beautiful lamps on the floor is the new style statement for your balcony, and when you will be on the mattress lying down, a lamp lighted beside you will be a turn on for you! (he-he)

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Why not just lie down?

Spreading some mattress for lying down in a cool breeze for some relaxation, after a stressful day is a great idea!

Mattresses also provide you to spend some quality time with your children, spouse or friends. You can also watch some movies and some series, read a book and eat your favourite snacks.


While going for mattresses, you can also go for this threefold mattress so that when you wish to remove it for cleaning purposes and keep it back whenever you wish.

If you do not have enough space for mattress you can go for floor cushions as well, they are so beautiful and specially made for such purposes.

Decorate it with fluffy cushions and fluffy blankets

Do you wish to do some office work there or have breakfast?

Your small balcony can also be a good place to work, all you need is a place to keep your laptop and let yourself be seated, some place for your coffee mug, and you are set to go!

What if I say that your dream of having breakfast in the balcony is going to be true this, even if your balcony was small!

Just place some attachable table and chairs, keep whatever stuff you need to work on and you are good to go!

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So you just want to hang around on some hanging chairs-

we all have loved some hanging porches or swings in our backyard, and it is great to have them in your balcony too.


While decorating your balcony the traditional way, I believe this is something we must think about at least twice.

When you have hung it, you can put some pillows, cushions and blankets to make it cosy.

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Why not use some big patio umbrellas for shade?

Always we have seen the shades or big shutters in the balconies, but for your small balconies, even umbrellas are a great idea for décor.

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If not happy with chairs, then go with couches!

If a mattress or a chair would not suit your balcony and your choice, then go with couches!

It is also a good idea to go with small couches, but only if your balcony does not face the dusty side of your area, or overall your city itself is very clean and non-dusty.

Hanging wind chimes or other accessories-

hanging wind chimes is the most basic thing for decorating your balcony, and yet it is so beautiful so put one!

Hanging a wind chime also causes the flow of positive energy in your body and hence a good pair for your balcony!  

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I hope you have found your inspiration for your small balcony décor!

Let me know which of the ideas you are planning to opt from the above ideas for traditional balcony décor. 

Happy decorating! :)